We are beginning to see the finish line!  This weekend I finished the grouting in the master bath flooring and kitchen backsplash and started installing the Tigerwood engineered flooring.  As I started in the hallway with the bedrooms and bath, I was able to install the thresholds (made from my left over Tigerwood decking) and finished the door molding for the bedrooms and bathroom.  I spent Saturday and Sunday installing up to the halfway mark in the living room and entry hallway.  Once I learned the technique of snapping in the floating engineered wood, the job went quick except for the cutting around corners and ends.  By Sunday night, I was able to get half way through the condo which is ready for next weekend. As Stephen is coming down to claim his belated birthday gift (play #2), he will have to work a day or two helping to install the flooring along with the shower doors. A nice treat after all these weekends watching all those golfers from our deck play #18 while we worked to no end!  The Master is now ready for the plumbing so we can have a working bathroom. 

When we finish the flooring, all we need to do is the base molding and buy furnishings for the living room and we are basically done!!!