Welcome to our first blog! I plan to keep notes up until closing, and then on to the demolition and renovation which should be a little like a DIY episode of "Renovations Reality".   Hopefully it will go a little smoother than these episodes!

So here we are less than a week to our estimated closing date of Feb 28 with only step outstanding being the Repair Agreement Amendment and HOA insurance policy that our lender needs to approve the credit and set a closing date.  The process has been a little frustrating as we have to deal with Fannie Mae "tightened" regulations which in this post-Housing melt-down era has encumbered and drawn out the entire loan process and requires ALOT of red tape and unnecessary steps!  Seems a little ironic that several years ago anyone with little cash (or no cash) and little or no credit rating could get mucho loans unlike today those of us with very good credit and plenty of cash have to jump through hoops!

Anyway our Feb 28 our closing is being delayed to March 1 or 2 but this date is unlikely as my real estate agent has delayed the purchase amendment as the buyer's agent has not finalized the repair agreement or some excuse.  Kris is being very patient on being available given the changes (doctor's appointments had to be changed)...and oh by the way...has never seen the condo other than the pics!!!

So progress has been slow and not that fun...but we continue to chase this deal!  Maybe cash would have been better!