Another trip down to Pinehurst April 13-15, I was able to remove all the ceilings and demo the entire bathroom.  In doing this, I found a dead rat, yes a rat, in the bathroom vent and signs of previous water leaks from the leaky roof and leaky bathrooms above.  Fortunately the roof has recently been replaced the unit above was renovated so hopefully no leaks in the future!  

Since this time, the contractor replaced the sagging island header and widened the opening along with making the entry wall ceiling level with the closet (future pantry/utility closet).  This week, the electrical complete all the upgrade electrical adding 13 recessed cans, 3 fan units, new cable boxes, new bathroom fans and 3 pendant boxes for the new peninsula. Now we are ready to insulate the ceilings (now on backorder) and then the sheet rock can be done.  

I have called a plumber but no return call so hopefully business is not that strong and will call me back to some some minor changes in the kitchen and bathroom, but this will need to be completed before the sheet rock can go up.

We also ordered the cabinets, appliances, lights and fans and picked up the flooring so the big ticket items are now ordered!  Slowly but surely we are getting there!