We made our first trip to our new condo this past week to begin the renovation and combined work with play by playing a few rounds of golf!  After sorting through the furnishings Sunday and Monday, 3 trips to Habit for Humanity and 5 trips to the landfill, a trip to Lowes to spec out new cabinets, we made some great progress this past week.  The kitchen was completly stripped down to the studs, ceilings in the kitchen and living area removed and carpeting in all rooms were pulled up. No surprises but some mold and musty smells, but by removing the rugs there is now a glimmer of accomplishment and better smelling air!  We did notice some sagging of a support beam where the new bump out island will be which is a result of some poor construction and some water damage so this will have to be fixed. The final couple of days was spend removing the living room and entry hall ceiling and aluminum lathing which seems a bit of overkill when attaching the sheet rock but who knows what codes they followed in the early 70's!  

Only a few cuts and bruises but the first phase went well and we can say the condo has some "good bones".  Just look at the beams in the ceiling, true 2"x beams so pretty solid construction.