Friday (June 8) I came down to take delivery of appliances and cabinets in hopes the drywall would be all done.  On Thu I received a call from Kaz who is doing the drywall and said the kitchen and guest baths would be done and ready for the cabinet install, which we planned  to take on Friday.  He did say the balance of the rooms would take a few more days to complete as the humidity caused the drywall to dry longer (good excuse!).  Since the cabinets were arranged to be delivered late Friday afternoon, we changed the install to Monday.  Well of course the Kraftmaid folks called to say they were behind and would deliver Sat am.  At 7 am the 18 wheeler rolled into our little corner of heaven to unload 25 boxes!

In the meantime, the drywall had progressed well with all the kitchen and bathroom completed and primed so this weekend Kris and Jacob came down and we choose colors for the kitchen and bathrrom and painted so the cabinets could go up.  The living room is full of appliances, cabinets and drywall supplies so the place is a mess yet we were able to stay over and play golf Sat afternoon and Sun after brunch.  

Stayed tuned as this week will be busy as I meet with the cabinet installer and granite guy to measure for granite.