So here we sit on the eve of closing and we are not sure if the scheduled 10:30 am closing time tomorrow will happen. The lendor finally sent out the loan package to the attorney yesterday afternoon who turned around the HUD-1 form (the underwriter or whoever was out the day before due to child care issues, nothing like last minute!).. .  After some checks, changes were made, sent back mid afternoon today to the lendor and adivised they may have to slide the closing as the lendor did not return it promptlly.  After a flurry of emails more changes were made that would impact the underwriting process, forms were changed back and now I have no idea whether the infamous HUD-1 form is correct.  Oh, did I mention that the homeowners insurance now needs to be escrowed which is a new HUD requirement as of yesternday!   I am ready to write a check for the loan amount and tell eveyrone to go pound sand!