We just got back from 3 days in Pinehurst July 3-6 but it wasn't any fun and games!  Between the 105 degree heat, no air conditioning and frustrations on getting deliveries made and contractors organized, this was not fun!

First the air conditioning unit was not cooling the condo so temps approached 88 degrees while we worked out butts off fiinishing getting the master bath ready for plumbing and electrical rough in and painting the walls, Two weeks prior we took 2 days (June 21-22), we demo'd the master bath.  This pic shows the cast iron tub in which I solicited some help from the condo maintenance boys and the 4 of us twisted, turned, swore, knuckle banged our way out of the condo with this 1973 cast iron tub weighing 1000 lbs!  Its fate ended on our front steps with one of the guys taking a sledge hammer to it!

The main reason we made this trip was to be there for the granite installation which went well, on schedule and looks great!

So after 2 days of sweating, we painted all the walls (coat #2) and window trim, framed the bath walls and ceiling for sheet rock, was successful in getting the plumber and electrician in for rough in, finally delivered the refrigerator (that was rejected for damage 1 month ago) and had our sheet rock guys complete crown molding in the living room and guest bedroom.  We finally were able to get the AC guy to show up and he added Argon but said there was a leak somewhere in the system and will see if he could fin a replacmenet coil. At least the last day was in 73 degrees while it was 105 outside. We are still waiting to hear back on this so keep tuned in on this one!

We did get over to Pinehurst CC on the 4th for cookout of burgers and dogs and some yummy ice cream and a fireworks display.  We left yesterday tired and sore with the cabinet installer coming on Monday to finish the trim work while the plumber will finish the sink/dishwasher plumbing.     

We are making progress as the kitchen is about done and next up is the Master bath drywall then onto tiling