Today was a big milestone as the cabinets were installed and the granite template was completed.  All went well until about lunch time when the installer said "we have a problem"...words you not like to hear!  He said the crown molding ordered did not reach entirely to the ceiling (which was the intent) and not enough trim was ordered to fill out the right cabinet and utility closet.  No worries as they will trade out the wrong for the right but will take a week or so to order.  Otherwise the cabinets look great with the new paint scheme and the dabinets, doors and drawers are all plumb!

By mid day all the bases were installed so the granite guy could make up the template for the granite and in an hour was on his way.

During this time the drywall continued at a snails pace as they could only work in the bedrooms as the living room was a mess with boxes and cabinets.  We did strike a side deal with the workers to buy and install crown molding in all the rooms with a little barter of remaining furnishings to get the cost down (even though all the furnishings were going to be trashed of on to Habitat.  We'll see how this goes...

Tomorrow the cabinets will be fiished with drawers and doors adjusted and handles installed. All the hard work is beginnning to show progress!  Yiippee!