During the past week, the electricians completed the wiring and new light cans, boxes and switches, so the next step is to insulate the ceilings so we can sheet rock.  As the ceiling insulation was not done when we pulled down the popcorn ceilings, this was a chance to provide some insulation and sound barrier to the floor above.  As Stephen completed is semester and had a chance to come home for the weekend, he was lured into helping with some nice rounds of golf on courses #4 and #5.  We spend most of Sat cutting and stuffing many pieces to the odd ball joist spacings (none were 16" on center!), a round of golf later that afternoon and a good meal in our belles to reward our hard work, we then returned and finished up the job late that night.  After another round on Sun am, we cleaned up and went home to celebrate Mothers Day.

We are now ready for the plumber (who I met with on Sat) to update and move the plumbing in the kitchen and baths.  It was suggested to update the old copper piping but I will make that call after I hear the quote.  Once this is done, we can sheet rock and be ready for the kitchen and bath cabinet installation!