The past two weekends were spent tiling and grouting the master bath shower walls, flooring and kitchen backsplash along with installing new window blinds.  What I thought would be one weekend of tiling and grouting turned into two weekends and I still have to finish grouting the bathroom floors and kitchen backsplash!  Wow I did not realize how much work this was...cutting, trimming, mastic and grouting.

The prior weekend we arrived to find our new dishwasher was finally hooked up and ready to go.  By the end of the weekend, Kris loaded up the dishwasher and pushed go.  Nothing!  After going through the manual and checking all connections, we gave up to washing the dishes in the sink and pondering our next step.  During the prior week I bugged the electrician and plumber to complete this installation as both had hands in the installation.  After calling them this past week on the problem, both said they did all the correct steps.  I even asked if they plugged the power cord in the back and was assured they did.  After I asked the plumber to confirm it "CLICKED" as the instructions suggested, he never called me back so I was on my own.  I called Lowes and they referred me to Lowes warranty...after numerous questions they coordinated a service visit for this past Friday.  After the tech pulled the electrical components all apart he then pulled out the unit and to his surprise the plug was NOT plugged into the back!  He said the cord was not long enough and the water line was kinked so he corrected it all..  I can't wait to have a word with our plumber and electrician!

Also this past weekend was a big one as we had the new porch sliding doors (3) installed (they work and look great but the two screens were made too long and have to be replaced), took delivery of our new box springs and mattresses, finished installing blinds, had the new carpet laid down in the bedrooms and even slept on the new beds rather than the blow up mattresses we've been using.   

We left exhausted Sunday thinking are we gaining any ground or just adding to the to do list?  I plan to take the next 2 Fridays off and make a push to finish the tiling, living and kitchen hard wood flooring, baseboard trim and other many miscellaneous things that need to get done before the end of Aug which is the Member Guest golf tournament in which I have invited guest for the Sat night dinner banquet!  Stay tuned.