This past weekend alot was accomplished with one key milestone finally met.  During the week, the kitchen installer arived with the trim and crown molding (on order for a month) and completed the trim and installed the hallway utility closet.  When I arrived it looked really good but he still needed to finish lining up drawers and doors so they didn't interfere with each other and clean up the trim with caulk and make nice for the kitchen inspector Kris!  He finished this on Sat afternoon while I puttered around with odd jobs...adding trim and laying the luan and went to Lowes to order the carpet.  The luan was the big job I wanted to complete as this will help with the floating hardwood and level up many uneven dips and rough subflooring.  I finally finished up Sunday am though some pieces are needed around the sliding doors once they are installed, and was glad to use my new pneumatic nailer to nail it all down.  With this I was on my way home to jump back in the car for another 2 hour drive up and 2 hours back to the mountains to drop Jacob off at Lutherrock and a week of chuch camp!

The next week is a busy one with the AC being fixed with a new coil ($$$), ice maker installed (yes it finally came in so now they have to install it!), plumber needs to come back as the sink drain leaks, electrician will finish up tirmming out the outlets/switches and lights, carpet installer will take room dimensions, and the master bathroom drywall/backer board will go up so we can start tiling the shower and floors.  I feel like Bob Villa without the big salary!