We left WS as scheduled first thing this am and no confirmation came in on whether all the paperwork was done and ready for our 10:30 am closing. We went to the condo for a walk through and this was the first time Kris saw the unit!  And then the call comes from our real estate agent advising the attorney did not yet have the loan package as their Internet service was down due to an over night storm!  The lender tried to send at 9 am (another last minute change so herein lies the problem) so no one knew when we would close. 3 hours later after the lender faxing the numerous pages to a local lenders office at a Harris Teeter and we finally signed away to our new vacation home.  BUT, since all the signed docs had to be sent back to lender (by fax), transfers of funds may not transfer until Monday to make it official!

So here we sit back in WS somewhat celebrating our new acquisition?